Fear and Panic

phobiaHave you ever been in one of those situations where you think that there is no possible way out? It seems like it s all just too much for you. The walls are closing in on you and you start to panic.

Panic attacks happen pretty frequently, actually. In fact, they re not even a recent occurrence.

For centuries, doctors were called in because someone was “having a spasm” or “having a fit”. In these cases, they were not having a physical stroke but an emotional panic attack. Fear builds up inside of you and you clench your jaw or hold your breath or do whatever it is that you do to calm yourself down, and then you try to hold the fear down, rather than gradually and slowly letting it out. At some point, the fear, rather like a volcano, come exploding out and you start freaking out all over the place. You feel as if there is nothing worse than you are feeling right now. You are in agony, but it is not physical agony.

Some people call this weak.

It cannot be weak. It has been happening for centuries now. It’s obviously a common human reaction to stress and worry.

Your employees may succumb to this, as well. If they do, a few of them may turn to substance abuse to calm their nerves or take the edge off, so to speak. Of course, substance abuse only make the problem worse, not better, but many people take this path, anyway, because they don’t want to feel the pain anymore. They just want to calm down and they do so in an very unnatural way.

Do not panic.

Instead, find someone who can relate to your problem and then have them make several suggestions for ways to get out of it. In the meantime, make sure that your business is using onsite drug and alcohol screening from Mediscreen. Mediscreen is a NATA accredited company which provides onsite drug and alcohol testing right in your place of business. We cannot control anyone’s panic, but we can bring you the tools to see who might need to talk to you: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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