Engaging the Enemy

onsite drug testingMediscreen believes in a direct approach. There aren’t any wishy-washy details when it comes to onsite drug and alcohol testing, and we don’t want any mistakes to be made in our business.

Engaging the enemy is a wartime phrase, referring to actually combating with the enemy, rather than being evasive or engaging in guerilla warfare.

In business, we are often told to “be professional” and not engage in conflict. We often do not even have it in us to be belligerent or obnoxious, even during times when such action would be appropriate. There is no honor in being a bully, and no one wants to be around (let alone work with) someone who is unpleasant or really depressing to be around.

There are a lot of criticism (from employees) of drug and alcohol testing practices, but not everyone thinks of it as annoying. Employers find onsite drug and alcohol screening to be especially powerful in reading abusive behavior in their employees.

I mean, how else do you know if someone is doing drugs?

In the meantime, it is suggested that it would be best to just let employees ruin their lives. After all, what harm could it do? Workers have the right to make a mess of their lives just like everyone else. Who care if they abuse alcohol or drugs? The truth is that workplace drug testing laws are not built around trying to control employees. These laws were designed to help people who are already working with these abusers.

When under the influence of alcohol or drugs, an employee can cause a lot of damage, make the company liable for otherwise insignificant mishaps, and these workers can be a danger to other people, which also makes the company liable legally for that person’s highly irresponsible behavior.

So, in effect, engaging the enemy refers to identifying potential problems and then eradicating them completely. That is where Mediscreen comes in. We are NATA accredited for onsite drug testing, and we are a powerful force in the business community at large. Come see what all of the hype is about, visit our website, pelt us with questions, and join our client list today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40 .

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