Drug Testing and Workplace Disputes

When there is a dispute in the workplace, you as the boss are often called upon to act as dispute resolutionarbitrator or, in some cases, referee in a boxing match. There can be many things which start these disputes, but the main thing to remember in settling them is that there are two adults who should, in all respects, act like two full grown adults when they are in the workplace. Outside of the workplace, they can brawl like idiots for all you care, but inside the jobsite environment, their behavior must be controlled to a certain extent, especially if it is disrupting the peace of other people.

Of course, if any of your employees abuse illicit substances while at work and one or more of them ends up in these brawls, you have some strong evidence that they are under the influence. But, you still need documentation for legal and company policy reasons. You still need to have a paper trail of scientific evidence to back up your dismissal or other action taken concerning the employee. Without this evidence, you may be setting yourself up for legal liability, strenuous workplace dealings, and less than professional future dealings. Drug testing is necessary to make sure that you have all of the documentation you need to justify any action taken concerning a substance abusing employee, even if it is obvious to everyone and their mother that the worker has done this while on the jobsite.

Protect your company assets by implementing drug testing, but don’t just do that. Implement onsite drug testing with Mediscreen. NATA accredited Mediscreen to AS 4308 for onsite urine drug testing. Pre-employment screening and regular workforce testing is great for making sure that those disputes are just that, and not the result of a chemical imbalance impairing judgment in the brain. Make sure that you have a plan and that you regularly schedule Mediscreen to come to your business and screen your employees for both drugs and alcohol. Our health and wellness specialists will make sure that everyone is at least in good physical and mental health, albeit with the occasional workplace dispute. Call Mediscreen to schedule an appointment today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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