Drug Screening Test Points

onsite AOD testingToday is a beautiful day. The weather is just as it should be, the air is crackling with purpose and live energy, and the day is progressing through its various steps in a purpose filled and determined way, intent on productivity and actual results. Today is the perfect time to contact Mediscreen about our drug screening, which we bring straight to your business through our exclusive onsite drug and alcohol testing programs. There is nothing like getting up, knowing the growth in your business which today will bring, and being assured of the substance abuse (or lack thereof) status of all of your workers.

There is sunshine in your office, there is excitement on the jobsite, and you step out into the major working areas to survey all of the productivity which is busy going on there. Drug screening is regularly implemented in your company, and you feel confident with all of the results. Your employees are all following company policy, your working machines are running smoothly, and everyone is benefitting from the increased zest for the productive cycle which has come into their lives.

Workplace drug testing is such a fundamental part of the process of running your business that you probably don’t think a great deal about it. It is just a necessary cog in the wheel of success and, like toilet paper or floor wax, it is just there, waiting to be used.

Not so, my friends, not so! There is much to be thankful for when it comes to drug and alcohol testing. Mediscreen is NATA accredited for onsite drug and alcohol testing, and we believe in making our clientele our first priority. After all, our customer base is the bread and butter of our business! There is no reason to skimp on those good people. Mediscreen brings the quality of drug screening so high that we are always delighted to find and retain more and more customers! Everyone should stay busy doing what they love, and we love to make your business a safer and more secure place in which to work.

Drug screening test points are not given out like points are given out in a basketball game or a game of tennis. However, if they were, we are sure that Mediscreen would be racking them up! Call us today to talk to our awesome staff and to let us serve you: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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