Down Energy

Down EnergyDown energy occurs when you are bored, uninterested, feeling sluggish or tired, or really feeling unmotivated. Down energy is part of a healthy cycle of the day, but it must be used when you should have down energy, like when you are taking a long break, are off for the day, are relaxing with your friends over beer or relaxing by yourself at an amusement park. Down energy is part of a full day’s accomplishments, but putting it and keeping it in its right place can be tricky.

Do you sometimes WANT to feel motivated but cannot pull yourself out of your down energy? Do you occasionally desire to get some of your really fun interests done, but you end up spending the day on almost nothing levels of energy, instead? Down energy must be planned. It is not necessarily the same as relaxing. Sometimes, relaxing can involve more energy and more engagement than down energy. Relaxation may involve inviting your friends over for a barbecue, but between getting off of work and setting up for the barbecue, you have same true down energy to recuperate between activities.

Employees who abuse drugs or alcohol may feel like they are getting their down energy when they get home from work and abuse their substance of choice. However, if they cannot afford these things or their schedule hasn’t allowed them to have these things waiting at home for them, the added stress of having to acquire them before they can truly relax can be overwhelming and create a need for even more substance abuse and/or relaxation.

In other words, down time is NOT automatically built in to their schedule. It is dependent upon external circumstances, and that is stressful in and of itself.

Make sure that this behavior does not end up leaking into the workplace environment itself. Regular implement the mobile drug and alcohol testing which is available through Mediscreen. We are NATA accredited for medical testing and we believe strongly in making your business and the treatment of your clients and employees as easy and painless as possible. For that you need more data, and that data is created by the screening services you get from Mediscreen. Our AOD testing is great for your company and we would love it if you called us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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