Den Behavior

Drug Test PerthAnyone who has any great experience with dogs knows that dogs travel and play and fight in packs and that when a dog joins a human family, they become part of his pack. Of course, all humans are alphas and the dog is meant to be the beta and to obey, but you can see how the home is the dog’s den. It is all very well and good as long as everyone observes proper den behavior. For instance, if the beta (dog) tries to dominate over the alpha (human), then a change of relationship can occur if the human allows this.

In other forms of proper den behavior, each member of the pack contributes to the good of the whole and every creature takes turns bringing home food and supplies for the pack. In a business place, each employee is contributing to the good of the whole company, unless they are breaking company policy or are in some other way making the company legally liable for their own actions. Employees should not be a liability to the business, and this is one of the many reasons why employee drug screening is being used by the vast majority of companies throughout Australia.

Mediscreen tops this list of high quality drug and alcohol testing companies. We are accredited by NATA and we enjoy a lot of pride in our work and the services which we are able to bring to businesses like yours. Our job is to help you succeed, and workplace drug testing is definitely part of this process.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing is what we specialize in, because you need information on whether every member of your pack is contributing to the good of the den. Every employee must be working productively and efficiently, all of which is impeded by hazy memories, bogged down brains, and slow to nonexistent reflexes. Make sure you are informed properly by your drug screening service. If not, consider choosing NATA accredited onsite drug testing from Mediscreen for your next onsite drug and alcohol screening company. We would be proud and honored to have you for a client. And, yes, we contribute adequately to the members of our pack: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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