Crowd Intelligence and Individual Intelligence

The author was lounging around in their office one day when they got into a discussion of intelligencepolitics with their colleague. The conversation turned toward voting and rights and trust in other people to make decisions on our behalf. The author asked their roommate if they thought that people in general were intelligent. Their worthy roommate replied, “I think individuals are intelligent. I think people are stupid.”

The above is in reference to the fact that, in a crowd, the overall wisdom and intelligence is far lower than when we are just evaluating the wisdom of an individual’s choices and decisions. It is the individual who is known for making good decisions on behalf of themselves and their family. It is the individual who has renown for being strong, courageous, heroic, and wise, not crowds, or groups, or nations.

What can be done for groups who wish to increase their overall energy level? We can just ask the Masons, or the Masonic Lodge, however you want to say it. The Masons are known for helping their members to increase their energy level in very real and very permanent ways and by helping them through ranks of degrees, if the individual so chooses to keep rising higher, and by giving lectures and books to aid in the members’ understanding of and power within their own private worlds.

Individual intelligence can lead to greater crowd intelligence, but it is seldom when the opposite is true. There’s a reason why people refer to “mob mentality” as one of the greatest examples of humanity losing reason, temporarily, while en masse.

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