Choose Your Attitude Change

Drug Test PerthWorkplace drug testing is a part of proper and normal business practices. If, however, you have no experience with these screening methods, then you may want to look into it further. It is vital that you do not develop assumptions about the process and implementation of workplace drug testing. It can be the best thing you do for your business, no matter what your employees think of it.

However, if you include them in the decision making process, they will most likely not mind so much.

We are not even talking about giving them a poll or having everyone vote. It needs to be far more personal than that. For instance, you can gather all of your employees around, treat them as if they are upper management, be the leader who makes the end decision, but have them open up a conversation about employee drug screening. If some of them abuse drugs or alcohol while on the worksite, they will probably protest, but if you keep emphasizing how much this will increase safety and that what they do on their own time, after work, is none of your business, there is a high likelihood of winning the abusers over, too.

You see, people want to have options, even if there are just fewer of them. Alcohol and drug testing is part of making sure that your company is a safe one. You certainly would not want to have a reputation for otherwise. Your attitude change is part of the attitude change in your entire business. Believe me, it begins with you. Mediscreen is not only an onsite drug and alcohol testing company, we are also accredited for urine screening by NATA. That is pretty impressive in itself. And, as the leader of your company, if your attitude changes or is chosen to be altered by you in any way, then it affects everything below, i.e. your whole business.

Keep your mind open to the possibilities of using employee drug screening with Mediscreen. We are professionals and we seek to serve you and impress you, not the other way around. It is our job to show you how effective and useful drug and alcohol testing can be. For more information, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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